S D A (Magnetics) Ltd
Unit 36
Willan Industrial Estate,
Vere St,
M50 2GR
Tel: 0161 736 9585
Fax: 0161 745 9649

Toroidal powder cores for inductors, filters and transformers


SDA is staffed and run by former employees of SEI (Salford Electrical Instruments), originally one of the main manufacturing companies within the GEC group. When SEI's last remaining factory at Heywood in Lancashire closed in June 1993 the magnetic materials division, comprising ferrite and powder core production, was relocated to new sites within the UK.

SDA was formed and subsequently expanded by the acquisition of various SEI departments. The process began in 1984 with the takeover of potentiometer and electrolytic hygrometer production, followed in 1986 by the purchase of the SEI coil winding design and manufacturing facility. In 1996 SDA(Magnetics) was formed to concentrate on the marketing and sales of magnetic materials. The company now occupies four units at our Salford address.


SDA supplies fasteners to the electronics industry, specialising in nickel plated brass, zinc plated steel and stainless steel in BA and metric sizes. We also supply a full range of washers, nuts and rivets.